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We attribute this inconsistency to the post-depositional processes of phytoliths in phytoliths dating, rather than to the uptake of old carbon from the soil.Our results clearly show the potential for phytolith carbon dating at archaeological sites in the absence of other dating materials.The Xinglefang site is located in Shanxi province, western China Fig.The phytolith and most of the other materials were dated by Beta Analytic Lab, except for two plant samples from the Tianluoshan site, which were sent to the Peking University accelerator mass spectrometry AMS laboratory.

We present an improved method for extracting phytoliths phytoliths dating soils.

Consequently, it is necessary to identify alternative materials might enable reliable and effective dating.

They investigated the potential of Phyt OC for radiocarbon analysis, and found that the measurements obtained using phytoliths were older than those expected sediments developed from the soil.

We compared the dating of phytoliths and other materials e.

The estimated ages of the phytoliths and other materials were generally consistent, except for one outlier.

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