Axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

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Axle whitehead and samara weaving dating

She is later angry with Dexter as Romeo begins to avoid her as he is not ready for a relationship, following his split with Annie.Indi becomes disheartened when Sid starts to go back to his philandering ways, but he tells Indi and Dexter that they are the most important people in his life.Indi begins to feel like she loves Romeo and when Romeo asks her about it, she confesses that she may love him a little bit.He cannot say it back because of his feelings about Annie, so he breaks up with Indi, which leaves her devastated.Indi moves into the Farmhouse along with her family.Indi and Nicole see each other at school, but both end their feud and start afresh.Indi then goes off with a group of teenagers and she begins to spiral out of control and smokes marijuana. Indi wakes up and loses her footing, causing her to fall through a glass coffee table and badly cutting her face.The group of teenagers drop Indi off at the hospital and run off.

Indi is annoyed when Dexter reveals to Romeo the dreams she has been having about him therefore revealing her feelings for him.

They have a lot in common, but he tells her he's not looking for romance." Their relationship as friends slowly develops into more.

Of this Weaving stated during an interview with TV Week: "It's quite funny because Indi is yelling at Romeo for reading into their friendship too much, and then he decides to just kiss her as she's half-way through telling him off!

However Indi cannot forgive Ruby, Weaving said: "I think that friendship is pretty much over now!

" The actress commented "Storyline-wise, it was perfect timing.

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Charlie sees this and tells Angelo, who sacks Indi.